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Customize Your ES Monitors

Posted on February 10, 2015 by HHCadmin
As you may know, Westone was a pioneer of in-ear monitoring for onstage musicians and we continue to be a global leader in the field. Every day, artists as diverse as One Republic, The Band Perry, Josh Groban and Peter Frampton rely on Westone for their best performances. Our monitors and earphones are also very popular in the audiophile community for the personal listening of high-end audio.

Many of you have already made Westone monitors a part of your practice, but if you and/or your clinic are not familiar with ordering monitors, or maybe you recently received an inquiry and weren’t sure how to respond, we would like to offer a quick primer and remind you how easy ordering can be!

Westone Elite Series (ES) monitors are available as a single driver ES10, dual driver ES20, triple ES30, five driver ES50 and the six driver ES60. Your patient will want to make his/her selection based on the preferred application, the instrument played or their budget.

In addition to the number of drivers, Westone’s ES monitors can also be personalized in a variety of ways. The best way to experience all the incredible options available is through our online ES Customizer.

After selecting the model, your patient has the option of choosing from more than 60 earpiece colors.  Choices range from a solid opaque to more unique options, such as Translucent, Ice, Metallic, Sparkles, and Swyrl, and they can mix and match with a different color for each side.  Next, they can add a custom faceplate material or special artwork. Faceplate options include Abalone Shell, Reflections, Crystals, Carbon Fiber, Wood and Stainless Steel. If they want to add special artwork, they can choose images from our existing art gallery or even submit their own images!  (Trademark laws apply)  When satisfied with their selections, they can simply print an order form and bring it to you to be included with their impressions.

To experience the Customizer for yourself, please visit www.westoneaudio.com and click on the “Customize Your Westones” box. If you have any questions or run into difficulties, just call one of our friendly Westone customer service representatives to assist you.

Bring out your creative side and have fun designing your very own custom ES Monitors!

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